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"The Tree by the Stream"

"The Tree by the Stream"

A tree by a stream invaded my dream
while sleeping alone in my bed.
I heard a sweet moan as if calling me home
and it caused me to think I was dead.

It's branches extended where the path had ended
the shadows cast over my face.
Time passed as the light disappeared in the night
and I felt so alone in this place.

I laughed, then I cried as I sat down beside
the trunk of this gnarly old tree.
My thoughts ran amok, my body was stuck
But the tree looked down at me.

"Get up and dance, this is your chance",
said the tree as I steadied my frame.
I saw the full moon, not a moment too soon
the leaves all burst into flame.

I jumped up and down, arms waving around
My legs kicking high in the air.
The higher I went on this spiral ascent
I abandoned all worry and care.

I danced till dawn with not a stitch on
Feeling free as a bird in the sky
But euphoria ended as the branches descended
And on the grass I did lie.

I awoke in the morn with a sense of forlorn
that all may have been just a dream
But I had no doubt when I looked all about,
There were ash piles down by the stream.

by Mark R. Williams